Create, Collaborate, & Chill


What's ur Konzepp?
create, collaborate, & chill
  • Konzepp K11 Opening Party!

    Please join us for a krazy fun night at the new Konzepp Tunnel at K11 ArtMall! Konzepp Karnival at 7pm on February 12th, 2015. See you there! Print Screen this page and show us for a chance to spin at the Wheel of Konzepp Fortunes Spinning Game for wonderful prizes!

  • Kreative Kollaborative Konzepp

    Concept of Konzepp: experience, explore, and extend visions that touch people emotionally. Derive meaning from the objects and environment around us and inject fun and energy. Provide a platform and space to engage in designs and be inspired by creativity.

  • Create +

    Have a great idea? A Konzepp? Make it happen! Konzepp will create the buzz and get it off the ground! Get Sh*t Done! - that’s our attitude as you never know if an idea if good or not until it’s out there and judged by the people just like you and us.

  • Collaborate +

    Tired of the same old? Konzepp focuses on cross pollinating creativity in unexpected ways and with different talents, brands and products to give you the most unique experience. Konzepp continuously embarks on collaborative projects catered to different individuals and our wide database of personalities helps push these Konzepps forward.

  • Chill +

    Need a place to be inspired? Konzepp provides a space and a big think tank table for meetings and working. Every Konzepp location has been infused with a happy face yellow tone to cheer you up! The colors are sharp and bright, like colourful sunny day, the smile on your face should shine through added positivity! Slow down in your everyday hectic schedules and admire the designs around you. Come support new brands and designers from all over the world!

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